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The Failure Lab
A new approach to leadership

Countless successful leaders around the wold claim failure has positively shaped their leadership success. Failure can propel leadership forward.
It is when you, as a leader, realises the current thinking is no longer getting results.

Old behaviours which once might have worked as a technical expert or team manager are no longer having the positive impact they once had.
This program paves the framework for you to identify what I call, Fail Forward Moments, and how to land safely on the other side.

Here's what you get... 
  • Strategies to overcome the top challenges you are facing right now in your leadership
  •  How to turn a leadership 'fail' into a Fail Forward moment to propel you to the next step of your leadership
  •  To confidently answer the question of why people would follow you
  •  Techniques to show you how to laser-focus in a fast-paced world full of disruptions
This is a self-paced online leadership program designed based on the culmination of psychological expertise gained during coaching sessions with upwards of 5,000 leaders over 15 years. 
The Innovation Project
Solve old problems with new thinking

Innovation has become more and more of a hot topic over the last decade. With emerging tech companies striving to come up with the latest and greatest innovative idea or product - you would think that innovation is commonplace in the corporate world of today.

That is actually not the case. True innovation is not very common at all.
Innovation is something leaders need to cultivate (and look after!) within their organisations and can be easily destroyed by closed-minded people.
This program gives you the steps to cultivate true innovation in your team so your people are engaged and performing.

Here's what you get... 
  • Learn how you and your team can think like an innovator and avoid the traps and mental blocks in order to come up with truly creative ideas
  •  Figure out how to solve old problems in a new and fresh way 
  •  Templates to fast-track your approvals to get your ideas quicker 
  •  Plans to pilot and test your idea to make it a reality, fast. 
This is a pace yourself, online program backed by psychology and neuroscience and validated by training held with over 500 people during the last 5 years - so you know these are proven strategies.
The advantage of self-paced Leadership Programs with Left Field Co.
Leaders are busy, we know this first hand. Take advantage of continuing your learning with an online self-paced Leadership Program. 
Access Anywhere, Anytime
Traditional courses are rigid in their approach... classic pen and paper, death by powerpoint. With a Left Field Co. self-paced Leadership Program, we have a specially designed portal that you can access from anywhere on your preferred device at any time that suits you! 
Brain Friendly Learning
Left Field Co. are experts in leadership and we also design all of our training based on psychological science and neuroscience principals. That means, when we design our self-paced leadership online programs - they are designed to be brain-friendly to maximise your learning capacity!
Suit Your Schedule
Face to face courses are often restricted by a specific date / time that you have to attend. 
With a Left Field Co. self-paced leadership program you can do each Step in the program whenever suits you! You aren't tied into a specific date and best of all, learn whenever best suits your brain!
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